enrico_liebig@yahoo.com | +34 644 812 679 | studio: Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona

My career as a painter began 10 years ago in Norway, where I started to become interested in opposites between wilderness and culture. At the time, I was used to often create pop up gallerys in empty shops right in the middle of town, or made art projects that led me into the wilderness and to the end of the world (Northcape, Voyage Pittoresque 2014). 

In general, I try to deal with my environment in my painting, in particular the relationship between wilderness and control in urban space. For me these are indicators in terms of how we live as a society. It is very important to me to deal with reality and my studies often take me to work plein air. I like to experience a place and I try to transfer these experience into my painting. Especially I am interested in places that have been designed for a special use (for example working and trade areas, infrastructure, residential complexes and parks). 

In the last two years, my painting style has become increasingly abstract. I am trying to find an expression of reality by new combination of well-known and unknown shapes.